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High-Temperature Superconducting Cable Test Ready

Toki City, Gifu Prefecture – Helical Fusion's high-temperature superconducting (HTS) cable testing setup is now operational at the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) test facility. The team is finalizing preparations to initiate a series of experiments aimed at validating the conductor's performance capabilities, marking a crucial step toward demonstrating its high efficiency and reliability in fusion power applications.

For further details, refer to the related article from January 23, "Delivery of Pioneering High-Temperature Superconductor Test Equipment for Nuclear Fusion" [Link]

Helical Fusion's Innovative Endeavor in HTS Technology:

HTS cable technology is pivotal in the quest to commercialize fusion energy. It is instrumental in generating the intense magnetic fields necessary for sustaining and stabilizing plasma, thereby facilitating efficient fusion reactions. Helical Fusion's proprietary development of an HTS cable is geared towards enabling these powerful magnetic fields, with the ultimate goal of designing fusion reactors that are not only more compact but also economically feasible for commercial use.

In a landscape where the development of cutting-edge HTS cables is predominantly led by European and American entities, Helical Fusion distinguishes itself as the sole Japanese fusion startup pioneering its own unique HTS technology. This endeavor was notably recognized and supported by the Japanese government in October of the previous year through a significant grant awarded under the SBIR Phase 3 program, propelling Helical Fusion's research and development efforts to new heights.

As the experiments commence, Helical Fusion is poised to contribute significantly to the global advancements in fusion technology, underscoring its role in shaping the future of sustainable energy.

Preparing to Lift the HTS Cable Testing Setup

Carefully Installing the HTS Cable Testing setup into the Test Facility


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