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Helical Fusion Selected for the Global Accelerator Program "Global Hypergrowth Tokyo 2024"

Helical Fusion has been selected for the Global Hypergrowth Tokyo 2024 accelerator program (GHT Program), a global startup support program launched from Tokyo, hosted by Startup Genome, a world-leading startup ecosystem development institution.

Global Hypergrowth Tokyo (GHT) Overview:

The program, initiated in Tokyo, is led by the global project leader who was responsible for the Tech Nation program in the UK, which brought about one-third of UK-born unicorns. It aims to accelerate the expansion and development of startups (hereafter "scaleups") that have a certain level of sales foundation in the domestic market and are serious about expanding globally, including in the European and American markets.

According to research by Startup Genome, companies that become unicorns share three characteristics:

  1. Aim for a global market reach, right from the start

  2. Collaborate with high-quality business ecosystems abroad

  3. Receive regular advice from mentors and advisors

GHT offers all of the above to startups eager for global expansion. GHT provides individual mentorship from successful global executives for each of the participating startups’ key members, establishes genuine connections with prospective business customers and channel partners, as well as offers workshops from specialists on specific topics.

*For more details, please visit:

(Original release:  “Announcing Global Hypergrowth Tokyo, A Global Late-Stage Scaling Program” )

Comment from Takaya Taguchi, Co-Founder, CEO of Helical Fusion:

Helical Fusion aims to revolutionize the energy situation in Japan and around the world with our unique fusion technology. Through this program, we will expand and strengthen our global network, further accelerating our technology and business development.


Co-Founder, CEO Takaya Taguchi making pitch at the inaugural


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