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Delivery of Pioneering High-Temperature Superconductor Test Equipment for Nuclear Fusion

Helical Fusion, in collaboration with Metal Technology Co., Ltd., has delivered a groundbreaking high-temperature superconductor (HTS) conductor to the National Institute for Fusion Science (NIFS) for performance testing.

This development marks a significant stride in nuclear fusion technology. HTS conductors are crucial for generating the robust magnetic fields necessary to stabilize plasma in fusion reactors. The HTS coil, an assembly of these conductors, is designed to produce magnetic fields of superior strength compared to conventional superconductors. This enhancement is expected to lead to more compact and efficient fusion reactors.

Helical Fusion stands out as Japan's only fusion startup engaged in the development of proprietary HTS conductors. Amidst a global race, particularly led by European and the U.S.A entities, for advanced HTS technologies, Helical Fusion is pioneering conductors that exhibit superior bendability. The company’s efforts received a significant boost in October last year upon being awarded a prestigious fusion-related grant, under the SBIR Phase 3 program, by the Japanese government.

The forthcoming months will be crucial as Helical Fusion embarks on rigorous performance tests of their prototype through February. These tests aim to validate the capabilities of the high-performance on a new HTS conductor, potentially setting a new benchmark in nuclear fusion technology.

Helical Fusion, along with its partners, is at the forefront of this technological revolution, underscoring Japan's commitment to leading innovation in sustainable energy solutions.

Preliminary HTS Experiment Under Liquid Nitrogen Cooling

Pre-Finalized High-Temperature Superconductor (Zoomed View)

Pre-Finalized High-Temperature Superconductor (Full View)


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